I spent a tone of money with service magic and they are the most frustrating company i ever had to deal with. I would get a bad lead at $75 and they would give me a hard time about it.That's not a typo $75!!

After putting my leads on hold for about a month they would keep calling me to start sending leads. I told them I was trying other avenues and i would start my leads when i was ready...They didn't want to here it and canceled my account.I would love to know how much they gross a year ripping peple off

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Signed up my company to start receiving leads with ServiceMagic. I did my research before doing so, I knew that they have somewhat of a bad reputation, but I thought that I would be my own judge and signed up.

They are HORRIBLE! Spend your advertising dollars elsewhere. They are great at apologizing, infact this is all they ever do, but the do not refund your money for bad leads, nor do they do anything to correct issues, they are only well trained at apologizing. I spent hundreds of dollars on leaks, each would be $60.00.

My company requires we contact customers within one hour, and we do just that. When we would call, the customer would not answer. We would email minutes after receiving the lead as well. This happened many, many times at $60 each and we were never refunded by Service Magic.

They don't care if the customer was just searching the net to find names of vendors, with no intentions of calling them or moving forward in getting estimates. All they want is their money, and the quality of the lead is not their problem.


Like I said before....they canceled my account besides they respond to this to look like they give a ***. If they want my # to talk to me I would be more than happy to give it to them


Hey Mario, you never came back to let everyone know whether ServiceMagic fixed your issue. Mandy Black seems to write alot of apology letters here and I would venture to guess she might be employed to look like the company really cares about you. Did they fix the issues??


I have had many problems on lead replacement. I have been with service magic for 6 months and have had MANY bad leads, either the phone # is wrong, their not even looking to have work done or the job is not in my feild of work.

To this day I have not received 1 replacement. They lie to you and say only three contractors will be givin lead and for $20.00 ea, max. LIE-LIE-LIE! Turns out upto 10 contractors get same lead and they charge $30.00 or more.

I had one case where the phone # was valid but not for the name and info stated. I requested lead replacement. Service magic said lead was good and # was good. I called the # again and the man said service magic CALLED HIM AND HE TOLD THEM THE INFO WAS INCORRECT AND HE WAS NOT LOOKING FOR WORK TO BE DONE.

Contacted servicemagic again and they told me not to judge my expenses on leads from 1 job, look at the overall picture. BULL***** Also, I spend alot of money on advertising to receive calls directly, AND NOW THEIR PHONE # APPEARS ON EVERYTHING associated with MY COMPANY name.


Hi "Mario1" -

I apologize that your experience with us was not what you expected which led you to turning off your leads. We do offer lead replacements on a case-by-case basis and would be more than happy to review those for you. I would like to get a chance to speak to you directly about your concerns and frustrations. Please feel free to contact me directly at 303.963.8066 or mblack[at]servicemagic.com.

Thank you,

Mandy Black

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