I was a Service Magic professional for a number of years and after paying for leads that almost universally ended up being dead ends, I finally terminated my relationship with them. The facts are I paid for well over 200 leads from these guys over the last 5 years and the VAST majority of them ended up being bogus - either from customers who were uncomitted to moving forward with a project of any sort or I was simply never able to reach the customer in the first place. Easily 1/3 of the leads I paid for resulted in a dead end - no contact and I am out $60 - and the majority of the other leads were from folks who were obviously kicking the tires with no intention of excuting a project with anyone. MAYBE 12 leads from these guys over 5 years actually resulted in a project. Not a great batting average.

After several phone calls complaining about the quality of the leads they were sending, I finally had enough of their rhetoric and excuses. I understand the business model they sell - I'm only paying for an introduction and nothing more. I also understand that they sell a lead several times so it is a beauty contest once I actually meet with a customer. My contention is that Service Magic does a horrific job screening potential consumers before they sell a lead because there is an inherent CONFLICT OF INTEREST in their business model - no customer, no lead to sell, no cash flow. They will tell you otherwise but they also will not offer refunds when confronted with the undeniable reality that they sold yet another bogus lead. They best you can get is an 'in-store' credit for yet another lead. Really, if you want to test the veracity of these folks, sign up and give it a whirl for yourself.

When you call to file a complaint, they are extremely defensive of their reputation and will not seriously listen to your feedback. The morons I spoke with on the phone continuously shrilled the company line about how sorry they were to see me go, what could they do better, that other professionals were not having the same problem, blah, blah, blah. But ultimately, Service Magic is simply unwilling to meet you halfway and really is unwilling to do much about the poor quality of the leads they send. Don't believe me - take a look at the volumes of complaints on this and similar consumer fraud sites. .

In the end, a business relationship with Service Magic really is a one sided affair that amounts to a take-it-or-leave-it attitude on their part. So buyer beware - you often pay to play in professional services but there is a lot of room for improvment with these guys. Spend your money somewhere else and avoid the headaches.

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Wow! these comments really help in deciding which vendor to select. Thank you


Ok, Pissed COnsumer asked me to update my complaint status with Service Magic. Nothing really has changed since my original posting. As readers of this compliant can see, Mandy Black from Service Magic attempted to contact me through this site to offer some sort of bogus resolution. All one needs to do is ask why she is attempting to contact me through this site and not directly (no, she never once attempted to simply pick up the phone and call me even though SM has had my contact info for years). The extent of her 'resolution' amounted to the contact above. Really, a disingenuous attempt if I have ever seen one and an attempt to solely deflect criticism in the minds of all who read these complaints.

Since my initial posting I have also filed a complaint with my State Attorney General. To all who have similar complaints about this organization, do the same thing. This really got SM's attention as they are now having to answer to a higher authority than folks who complain on sites like these. Someone from SM called me after I filed this complaint (not Ms. Black) and offered to 'resolve' matters by offering me 5 free leads. Now what the *** am I going to do with 5 more bogus leads from these guys and how can they actually believe that this is a resolution that addresses the basic complaint that they are a dishonest outfit whose business model is premised on deception and fraud? Thanks but no thanks.

I will also suggest to all who have been ripped off by these guys that you file a complaint in SM's state of business (Colorado) and with the Better Business Bureau. Keeping the pressure on these guys from above seemingly is the only way to get SM's attention and maybe get them to change their predatory tactics..


dont do they are just tryiong to suck more money out of you oh ya lets change out name so we can do this again


Just quit Service magic after a number of years with them. Their leads have become worthless to us the profesional while making boatloads of money for service magic.

After I quit they sent me a approved lead replacement for my last lead then e-mailed me a message that they would gve me 5 free leads if I came back. Since they can't control the quality of the leads what good is 6 free leads if they are garbage?

It would have been better if they gave me my money back, but we all know that wasn't happening. Lesson learned, the hard way.


Ms. Black -

I have already had this conversation with you numerous times and you have consistently refused to meet me halfway.

Your apology is worthless and your offer to address complaints on this and other consumer sites are nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to redeem SM's reputation.

It also seems that you spend a lot of time monitoring this site for complaints, offering disingenuous apologies all the while never offering anything of value to the people you've scammed. Go away.


Hi "Marshu -

I apologize that you haven’t had the type of experience you expected with some of the leads you received. We would like to dig into your previous account and see if there is something we can do to help you see a better return on investment. You may contact me directly at 303-963-8066 or mblack@servicemagic.com.

Thank you for your time.

Mandy Black

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