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Service magic is often reported as a scam but I think it is just a faulty business model. Since consumers pay nothing to use the service they place no value in what they get from the service.

They quickly find the request they placed leads to 3 or 4 contractors calling their phones off the hook. Why? Each was charged $35 for the "lead" and they are desperate for the business. Net result: contractors have paid $140 for a lead that may be totally worthless and a consumer is innundated with calls from angry contractors.

Both the contractor and the consumer are worse off and only Service Magic has gained.

If Service Magic charged the consumer $20 and then charged the contractor $25 they would make more per call and the client would self qualify themselves. It would be a lower volume business but might just be sustainable.

As it is the sooner Service Magic goes out of business the better contractors and consumers will be.

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I am a Painting Contractor in Maryland with 20 years experience. I cannot account for the validity of leads that come in from Service Magic in the two years I have used them but I can say they are of a very low quality compared to the calls I recieve from my customer base.

Like others on this thread a large percentage do not return calls or are unreachable. I have had to keep on the heels of Service Magic and follow up with them on leads that lack enough info to process. The have credited me on several leads only because I CALL TO DOUBLE CHECK THEIR PRICING PER LEAD. Many times I have been charged $36 dollars for what should have been a small job $9 lead.

Today I was charged $36 for a lead with no information regarding size of job. I called S Magic to see if they had the job size data so I could verify lead cost and they said that I would find out job size when I reach the customer. However should there be no return call to me I won't be able to make that determination. During our conversation I was told that Service Magic has the customer fill up to 5 pages of data...funny that job size data, which determines apprpiate lead cost, is apparently not a "required field" when applying the online submission....so S Magic charges the higher $36 and lets the me, the contractor, straighten out any processing mistakes and avoid over charging ( if they don't have enough info then charging the minimum is an option, but, comming from a business owner myself, is not profitable of course).

Even on another customer request data that clearly stated "small spot on kitchen ceiling and wall touch-up" was processed as a $36 large project until I had it corrected, once again,to $9. Having made several "correction calls" I can see that clearly S Magic isn't concerned about accurate charging or even developing more accurate processing software. MY CUSTOMERS expect and recieve TOP RATE SERVICE in my field and pay me for it. Shouldn't I expect the same from Service Magic.


I will be cancelling my account shortly. A service like ANGIELIST seems to be a more up and up in my opinion.

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