I was with service magic for only a few months before i couldn't take it any longer. Many leads would not answer a phone # that was given or respond to the email address they provided.

On one I made 8 attempts to get a hold of and then asked service magic for a credit, but was told it was a legitimate lead. The icing on the cake was when my competitor ask for services & he is looking for work just like the rest of us! Service magic charged me $42.00 for the lead.

I called for a refund and Service magic denied a credit! Sign up if you have money to throw away - they are a rip-off!

Monetary Loss: $252.

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i cancelled with sevice magic also, they would not give me credit for bad leads, i fired them and will never rehire them.


So that is what you call it when your company provides illegitimate leads. "Other professionals testing the system."

Your company is ridiculous.

I will give you credit for this, you are providing a service that requires no accountability and only profit.

If I buy a car and I go to pick it up and it doesn't start I would not be expected to pay for it. Service Magic however would expect me to pay for it and then send me 10 more none running vehicles and expect me to pay for each one of those as well.


I signed up with service magic back in Jan they were so nice I started getting leads and started going to work I close 70 to 80% of the leads I talk to. Here lies the problem approx 80% of the leads that are sent you can never contact the customer I have made appointments with three customers who for some reason failed to make the appointment and when I try to contact them all of a sudden they are unreachable by any means.Dont ever sign with service magic I sent them an e mail and I recieved a message to call Chelsy Richey I tried to contact her three times she never returned my call I get a call from another rep as I was driving I sked him if I could call nim back in 15 min when I reached my house He said no it would be better for him to contact me he never called.

I have left blogs which they have taken off their site. As for what is a legitimate lead if you paid an entrance fee to enter a tournament and you trained for it you train to win but when you get to the event you are not allowed to compete.

I think anyone would be angry and would agree they have been ripped off telling a contractor that someone needs a sevvice and not allowed to compete is theivery at best. This is stage 1 of the media campaign I will start service magic you messed with the wrong guy this time I will do everthing I can to make sure it is well known you do not look out for the people who pay your salaries.


Hi Disappointed1,

My name is Chelsey Richey and I am the Online Customer Liaison here at ServiceMagic. I am terribly sorry to hear about your experience and I ask that you reach me personally so that we may remedy this situation together.

We do credit for leads if another service professional tested the system. We are always making continuous changes and improvements to both the product and service we deliver through our people; your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Please contact me at crichey@servicemagic.com or at 303.963.8145 so that we may work together to resolve this situation. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Chelsey Richey

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