I will never go looking for a contractor from ServiceMagic again. I don't think they screen their people.

I had someone show up at my house who was totally unprofessional, he was a slob, he was also late. I had googled this person and found out some disturbing things about them. When I complained to ServiceMagic they had told me that they go through a very extensive screening of contractors. What a bunch of bull.

The contractor who wanted to do my work was working under an alias, the only reason I know this is that when he called me his real name came up on my caller ID. I would definately steer clear of this company.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #113291

I feel the exact way the customer stated above...I will not hire another contractor through Service Magic. My experience was totaly horrible with the "qualified" "professionals" that they so call screen.

White Haven, Pennsylvania, United States #91157

I've used Service Magic a couple of times. I think what people are missing here is that you can't screen for "showing up late" or being a "slob." Service Magic just makes sure contractors are licensed, answer their phones, and don't have any criminal history.

That's better than you can get with a yellow pages listing or a personal referral.

At least you can also look at reviews from other customers, and post your own reviews too if you think a contractor was unprofessional. One of the guys I hired through Service Magic never showed up, so I posted a bad review about the guy, but I didn't hold it against Service Magic.


people are wanna be's not professionals


Sounds to me that x servicemagic employees are pretty unhappy with the company. If you need a contractor, check your classified ads in your local newspaper.

Choose a contractor that has been in business for a while.

Check them out with the better business bureur. You don't need a 3rd party like servicemagic.


For All You people thinking about using servicemagic, remember this. Word of mouth, references from your friends and neighbors is what built America. Why would you want to use a 3rd party to send you contractors that do not meet your expectations?


greg, i told you no posting idiotic comments online. go do your homework.

oh btw, greggy- try and use examples that are actually accurate, or at the least even make sense. you are a *** my poor dear retarded son.


We apologize for the tone and tenor of the unauthorized posted comments from ServiceMagic employees. We take these issues and concerns very seriously and would like to offer assistance to those looking for help. We aren’t looking to argue or defend ServiceMagic but rather engage in productive dialogue to better our services. Feel free to contact me: strammell@servicemagic.com.

*** ServiceMagic employees posting online please cease and desist immediately. Do not respond on behalf of ServiceMagic. ***


Shawn Trammell


***---WONDER OF WONDERS--I picked up the telephone book and made an appointment with a well known company here and the guy showed up late and was a slob-- guess after one bad experience I will be narrow minded and toss the phone book out the window-- what a scam it is too

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