We were a member of service until we found out that they are a ***.For starters they do not supply the customer with proper information.They send any contractor they can find that is body able regardless of abilities.also they hacked into our web sight removing our number and web sight placing there own while still using our name.Service magic is all about the money and there own agenda not the home or business owner.

we are a member of the BBB. Folks be aware of service magic.

from the desk of ram air mechanical.If you wish to contact us about service magic and there *** game we cam be reached at 518 636-7262.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Lori of Custom Climate Control You are a fraud


you still dont get it. The web sight is ours made by us not you.and you would have one lead band send it to five differt contractor not what wat disscused. Scam Magic is the name for you.


I’d like to point out that our Exact Match advertising isn’t intended to steal your business name or to drive consumers to SM, by using your business name.The intent is to market your company online and drive consumers directly to you, advertising your business name and profile.

Of one of the advantages of participating in Exact Match, we do filter out consumers not looking for your advertised line of work or coverage area (Tasks, Zip Codes). ). The Exact Match program is an option that you choose to have or not have.

If you're leads are off per your request or if you've cancelled- it will show that you are not available because you've requested to not receive leads from us at that time.When Exact Match is cancelled, it can take some time to be removed from the search engines; we have to wait for each one to do a web crawl.


lori is not correct Service did in fact take our local yahoo remove our number ans sight address and replaced with theres thus send traffic to them instead of us.and this was done with other sights as well not our main sight so get your facts right


you have no Idea what you are talking about we have many sights. service magic has amitted wrong doing and has been attempting to correct some of the issues at hand. So before you shoot off at the mouth get your facts right.


If you would like to be included in a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against "Service Magic" for their alleged "Fraudulent & Deceptive Trade Practices" among many other criminal & civil allegations, Please email me with your contact information & what exactly your experience was with service magic.



This company is not telling the truth They do not credit anything.The one guy I talk to out of 50 leads told me that he has a deal with service majic to answer any calls but he dont have to hire the comopany that comes and he gets paid to do this.

Also there number was listed under my buisness name and I called as a customer needing the kind of work my buisness does and they refered to someone else.

They are full of ***.....I am working on filing a law suit for what they have done to my buisness and my credit.There is all kinds of proof they are scams and they better take my information off there site I dont want to even be associated to this fake rip off company.


You are correct Service steal your money majic is a scam.They also used my company name and changed my number to there number.

Its funny though I got lucky and figured out there scam and canceled my card before they could take my money. I did go out and meet one of there so called customers that needed work done and this guy told me what he would pay me and to give you an idea it would have been a $300 dollar job he said $25 so you wouldnt do it. Then service majic charged me for the false lead. I got maybe 50 leads from these *** holes and only talked to 1 live person.

Then they tried to charge me $300 for the BS information. Then they got pissed when they didnt get my money and reported me to the credit bureau. WARNING TO ANYONE THAT USES THIS COMPANY GET AWAY AND CANCELL ANY CARDS YOU USED.



Hello Ram Air Inc. - I had one of our representatives reach out to you and we have removed your Exact Match profiling from our system and we are currently waiting on Yahoo to remove your listing. We do need to wait for the search engines to do their crawls in order for this to be completely removed. We have removed your ServiceMagic exact match profile from CitySearch and others.

You can choose to cancel your Exact Match listing at any time.

Ramere- Please contact me directly and I can assist in the removal of your exact match listings and I can also help you with crediting back the leads you have received with disconnected phone numbers. This is something that we do credit your account for.

I can be reached directly at adoss@servicemagic.com or at 303-963-8125

Lori is absolutely correct; we list your exact match metered number on your profile through us. When the consumer calls that number, they are directed to one of our reps; then we will directly connect them to you. Glad to see you are having success with us Lori!

-Angela Doss


I agree with Ramairinc, because i did not see my contact number at all just theirs.We have also recieve leads were the number was disconnected. :(

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