They sent me two leads, and one never returned my phone call ,and the other works for sevice magic as a fraud client .This company should be investigated There all a bunch of liars they prey on Contractors while times are tough and the economy being down and lie to them about there service .Don't fall into there trap ,there nothing but LIARS!!!! from there reps all the way down to clients they must hire to give fake interviews and meet you at a site that probably is a fake and then whe you try to e-mail them there's no such e-mail ,but tey have no trouble charging you with that fake lead.

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Ok Service Magic???

Someone called me and wanted to offer me their services and told me that service magic refered them to me.. How the world did they get my number?? I never heard of service magic nor did i need this guys services.

actually it was more than one contactor i kept getting calls in the morning...!

Why is this company service magic giving out my number i would like to have this guy who started this to walk into my house so i can self defence my ***.


I contacted Service Majic and almost signed up with them. Then something in my brain said explore and see. I found page after page of complaints. So before you sign anywhere. Do the math and search around about the company.

Thank you all for posting your comments. It's people like you that take the time to help others that makes the world go round.



servicemagic has not worked for me at all. Servicemagic does ont qualify the customers at all!!!i have been charged for leads that the customer simply wants advice on how to install.

i have been charged for a lead that the customer only wants a helper, charged for leads for job installs that are not on my listed qualifications. And the last lead(I cancelled my account)with wrong phone #, invalid email address, and non existing homne address.


i am a home improvement contractor in the boston,ma area.

i have used both webvisible and servicemagic.i have to say sometimes servicemagic can be frustrating but they are far superior to webvisible


My name is Shawn and I monitor online mentions for ServiceMagic. Our employees are not authorized to comment on this site. If you have a SM account or would like to discuss your concerns or issues you can contact me directly. I look forward to your response.




Can anyone else tell the first 3 comments in this article are written by service majic employees. This is what they do all over the internet.

They leave positive feedback in negative articles. Service Majic will be caught for businees fraud eventually.


Service Magic saved my business in this down economy. At least 90% of my business comes from them.

I was just about to sign with Webvisible but the complaints online have me nervous. One might say that any large company will have complaints sooner or later due to unreasonable clients, but the buzz online is ridiculous. You just can't find such negative passion over Service Magic. Just an observation.

I have not direct experience with Webvisible. By the way, I am a concrete contractor in Southern California.


I've been on service magic for five years and i absolutely love it. I have work coming out of my ears. Web visible and all these other companies trying to *** off service magic can't even compete.


Dont listen to the guy at webvisable. They are even bigger *** bags than service magic.


I wish I would have read these commits before I signed with this company


F Service Magic. SCAM


I understand your frustration. Many of my clients who came from Service Magic felt the same way. I work for a company called WebVisible we help small business owners like yourself generate new business but unlike Service Magic our goal is to have interested customers call you directly the moment they are looking on the internet.

We are a legitimate company helping over 55,000 small businesses across the nation and we work with some major corporations like AT&T, YellowPages, and MicroSoft to name a few. I hate name dropping but I wanted to let you know that we do our jobs so well that the big companies are using us.

I can go on forever about how much better we are than Service Magic or any other internet marketing company but I would rather show you the proof to the pudding.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to see a short demonstration on how we can generate you new business.


Mathew Hastings


Watch our new video demo, click here.

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