In my opinion Service Magic has a business format and strategy that if managed correctly would promote competition amongst contractors and increase quality for homeowners. However it is apparent that this company is based on greed and could care less about the residential construction industry and the homeowners they serve. You can't go into J-Mart and purchase a homeowners solution off of the shelf. If you could then the residential industry would not exist.

Like most sites you must register and provide your contact information to check out their site. And like most people the first thing I tried to find was the cost of their service. A big question mark appeared when their fees could not be found on their web site. I left the site and regretted providing my contact information. And for a good reason, because for the next 30 days Service Magic called every other day for a total of 15 calls and subsequent voicemails. So yesterday I answered the call just to ask how much they charge for their service, and low and behold their fees are only made available via email after a you complete a phone interview.

After reviewing their Lead Fees and "NO CONTRACT" Agreement I created a list of questions and returned fire. One particular question was if a homeowners hypothetically wanted to cut corners and disregard safety to save money, and I decided to walk, would I be charged for the lead? And the sales guy stated he would expect me to walk, but I would still be charged. Charging someone who refuses to work in an unsafe environment….. and OSHA's phone number is??? Perhaps a different less greedy approach like charging a little more for leads that produced work and not charging for leads that did not produce work. But that would require market research….an advertising services that conducts research, who would of thought???

Next question was how do I know Service Magic does not send several contractors to the same house just to collect their fee. His very convincing answer was "you don't have to use our service". And after reviewing the six page Lead Fee sheet that has a separate price for everything. If that doesn't scream greed…WOW.

The icing on the cake was the 2 year warranty you agree to provide to the homeowner for any work installed. If you're not in a contract with Service Magic then how can they award a 2 year warranty to the homeowner on your company's dollar.

Service Magic takes advantage of homeowners by exploiting honest contractors advertising their product, which happens to be your company, your lively hood, and your reputations. I would not recommend service magic to anyone. Be smart always ask questions, and if a company hides things on their website, it's for a reason.

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Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #105319

Now if that's not tooting your own horn! AINK!


Servicemagic bigwigs need their backgrounds checked, bet you'll find they are criminals.


Servicemagic bigwigs need their backgrounds checked. Bet you'll find they are criminals.


The reason why SM does not post the pricing on the website is because it varies so much. There are over 650 different tasks!

There are also different plans to get set up on. Also, servicemagic has no way of knowing if a customer wants to cut corners or create a unsafe environment or not, but neither does the yellow pages or any other advertising source. Do they give you your money back or "not charge you" because you feel uncomfortable in your work environment? Im sure they will LOL.

Now, Im sure that most homeowners will agree with me on this.....PEOPLE SHOULD GET MULTIPLE ESTIMATES before doing any work in their home. Servicemagic sends up to 4 service pros for requests...it states that on the website. SM asks that you provide a warranty to YOUR customers because they are YOUR customers! Even after you leave SM they are still YOUR customer!

If you feel comfortable with your work then you should have no problem providing that to them. Also please note that the "warranty" clause is for certain types of work only - another thing we cannot post on the website due to complexities and it only applies to certain providers i.e HVAC installations.

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