Review by Candice C in Huntingburg, IN

Project: Install Concrete flooring in poolroom

The poolroom flooring was done well & we're pleased. However, the contractor led us to believe he was knowledgeable about our project & could complete the job of painting up to & just over the lip of the pool. That part of the job was very sloppily done & paint began peeling almost immediately. Twice more he came out, ground off the paint & re-did the job. We appreciated that, but each time, the paint began peeling shortly thereafter. Contractor then blamed the pool saying there was a "pre-existing moisture problem" (It's a POOL!) but for $750 he could re-do it with another substance (one he should have used in the first place?) We were unhappy & filed a complaint with ServiceMagic. We jumped thru all their hoops with copies of all our emails to the contractor, many photos to show the work and a letter from a 3rd party contractor who validated that the job was not done right. ServiceMagic contacted the contractor and simply took his word over ours and the other contractor. When I asked for an appeal of the decision, they were just unresponsive. I called and emailed repeatedly for over a month without a return response. An eventual response (after I asked for a supervisor) was unsatisfactory. I would not recommend ServiceMagic. They do NOT stand behind their customers.

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Once I'd posted the complaint on this site, Service Magic did contact me, asked for "my side of the story", reviewed the case and eventually offered a "settlement" of $250. They didn't require the contractor to refund anything and said they would deal with that internally.

By that time, we'd already dealt with the problem by spending $3000 to tile over the mess made by the contractor.

We accepted the settlement. Had little choice at that point.


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Hi Candice -

I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with the work done by the contractor we matched you with. We appreciate your feedback and have a team dedicated into looking at the situation as a whole to see if there is anything we can do to help. We are currently reviewing your concerns and will be in contact with you soon. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact me directly at 303.963.8066 or mblack@servicemagic.com.

Thank you,

Mandy Black

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