Sales man david reed claims to be able to hook your website for your business to hundreds of other pages and sites and promises that your website will be directly linked to service magics site free of charge as soon as you sign on. They list only the beneficial ratings of companies, and through 'direct match' wash there hands of bogus leads. Before you sign up for the service it is promised that they filter leads both coming in and also going to the contractors. Once your signed on they then claim its just advertising. Fraud comes to mind.

They claim they do checking and research for licenses in the areas you wish to serve, false claim and to prove it I was able to add Iowa for my line of work who requires contractor licenses for the state, but I wasn't able to add minnesota who does not require any licensing for my line of work. They offer there so called services in all 50 states of the United States, the goods or promises they make are vigerious 10 point screening. (more like 3 point screening)

What they call a Ten point inspection turns out to be a check for insurance to make it look good and a check on the contractors routing number along with the account numbers. Another false thing they do is tell you leads are direct match, but in fact they sent that same $30 to $60 lead to roughly 3 customers on average, equals about $180 per lead for them, and a *** off customer that go's with someone else completely do to being bombed with calls. Injury to my bank account and my reputation is on the line for buying into there sales pitch, empty fraudulent promises.

This company is immoral, unethical, oppressive, unscrupulous; and substantially can injure consumers and contractors alike by mismatching professionals the consumer believes to be qualified, contractor that is slow on work that is having a rough time, by being mismatch and potentially running there reputations.

End result, out of work contractor that may have been legit for there original field, an unhappy customer that has to pay more a second tine to have work done twice, and the people that run ServiceMagic a few dollars richer off this miss portion of others. They fail to disclose material fact at the time of sale of profiles to the consumers who later in the system are the contractors, also to the home owner slash consumer that hires these screened professionals.

They also speak against other lead companies saying how they can't do anything for anyone, (Product disparagement). The whole things built in bad faith.

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Fairfax, Virginia, United States #610477

You are not alone. The new Home Advisor is bad news

I used Service Magic for over 7 years and was friends with the original CTO

They changed the rules NOW IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TURN OFF THE LEADS for more than 2 weeks (Business rule number one If a company changes its name BEWARE!!! Who is Home Advisor.)

Sometimes you must walk away 20% of your clients give you 80% of your profit.I closed my Service Magic account, when I refused to bid a job but the LEAD (not a client) was allowed to post a truly brutal review.The fact is 105 good reviews from real clients can be destroyed by one LEAD who you knew was bad news.

I have not used the site for 2 years except for a very expensive 3 week period several months ago.

I sold my company with a promise that using Service Magic and myself as the salesman//sales manager the yearly revenue would only be limited by the new buyers ability to preform the work AND keep clients on average 95% happy with the process.

The new buyer used the site for 3 weeks while I was on holidays.The company fired me when I came back from holidays

IT was a disaster the old Service Magic would have never been so *** with a client planning to spend $25,000.00 per month. (with plans to increase even that amount)

I have hired wwww.BlackListNow.com to make my little complaint over $600.00 worth of leads an issue with IAC InterActiveCorp the owner of Home Advisor.(Costing me 3 grand hope it proves...



Previous Owner of Australian Landscaping and Construction.


Ps Starting out (to reach critical mass), the best way to use a lead selling site, is to create 5 or 6 front business and reduce the competition to the point you have only one outside or preferable no outside competitors biding the job.A $50.00 lead becomes a $200.00 lead but if you are the only bidder you can add $200.00 to your bid.

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there credit department is the worst i have ever seen.when you have a bogus lead, they are supposed to review it and then credit you.

WHAT A JOKE.they never review it. i have saked more customers if service magic called and they say NO NEVER GOT A CALL.

so have to spend my time calling them up and getting upset with them and i ask for a supervisor and then they will give me a credit.they are the worst business people i have ever worked with


I have been a roofing contractor for over 28 years.After trying ServiceMagic for just a couple of weeks, I found that only one out of 10 leads were legitimate.

The first lead I received was a non-working number. The second was a hoax performed by kids. The third lead wouldn't call us back. We received two leads that had already signed with other companies when we promptly called them.

One customer refused to allow us to come out because they were looking for a remodeler, not a roofer. Five following leads could not be reached and would not call us back. After complaining to ServiceMagic, I was informed that they would e-mail these last five that would not call us back and see if these customer's would respond. They did not.

In the mean time, ServiceMagic debited my account $550.00. I was very upset because I notified them a 9 days before they took the money out of my account that I had several leads that were no good. The original salesman, Andy Johnson just disappeared and wouldn't call me back after I signed up even though he said all I need to do was notify him with any bad leads and he would credit me. He lied.

It is very difficult to get a hold of anyone at ServiceMagic. When you finally do reach someone it is obvious that they are well versed on how to refuse a bad lead credit. This is a well rehearsed scam. Stay as far away from this company as you can.

I spent many wasted hours trying to contact these bogus leads and trying...

ServiceMagic had the nerve to tell me that they were scheduled to take another $165.00 out of my account the following week for yet even more bad leads.This should be criminal and probably is.

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I started using service magic about 7 years ago.I had no work and the sale man talked me into trying it for one month.

My first month I landed an $80,000.00 contract.

I have used it ever since and have made hundreds of thousands of dollars.It is not perfect, but what is?


If you don't believe this comments, no problem, give Service Magic a call and see it for yourself. Please don't waste your money, call a local company near you with a good reputation, not only you will keep the money on your community and help the local economy but maybe eventually we can get all this scam artist out of business.


:) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x


Servicemagic is awesome I have made thousands of dollars using them. Too ba it didn't work out for you guys. More work for me!!


I was recently contacted by service magic and was Very hesitant to join up I spoke to the sales man and at the point that I figured out there would be little to no screening of potential leads before they were sent to me and charged to my account.I knew then it was most likley bogus..sounds to be good to be true usually is!! They also didn't even need my insurance info..very scetchy!! Glad I took the time to check them out..im stayen clear..I would advise all contractors stear clear!!


Service Magic is a SCAM... only sign up with SM if you want to pay for fake leads ($35 - $55 per lead), for consumers who can either be totally fake, never answer your initial call, or are just price shopping. Not worth it!

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