Service Magic faces ongoing consumer complaints, distrust, and serious consumer concerns over their negative business practices.

Negative complaints continue to mount against Service Magic home improvement online contracting services from unhappy consumers that have tried their online contracting services.

The complaints are so negative, that NC Consumer News has decided to expose the negative business practices of Service Magic and issue a consumer alert on this company.

Service Magic is an online home improvement and repair contracting company that operates in all 50 states online, and offer some very impressive Internet advertising to entice consumers, but this is just a veil of deception, as many customers continue to find out first hand, after doing business with Service Magic.

Customers continue to complain that neither Service Magic, nor the contractors they use are professional, and many of these customer complaints are validated by the unprofessional,

Sub-standard, poor quality work that they received from many Service Magic contractors.

In one customer's word, "This Company does not thoroughly screen those they recommend for service of any type in your home.

If you happen to have good luck with them it was a coincidence and not the rule, way too many complaints to list here however most recently they send a Company here for Painting and tile work that were comprised of illegal aliens. I questioned them about it and they avoided the subject. I submitted a complaint to service magic that refused to publish my findings condoning laborers who work for registered Service Magic Contractors to use unsponsored aliens."

In another customer's words, they said this about Service Magic, "They claim to have a "10-point" screening process that all contractors go through to be a part of that network. This is a very sore subject for me as I know some people who have had their trust "violated" by those who have been let in their home to do work. Unfortunately, Service Magic's process is mostly style over substance."

Service Magic is a contractor service that any and all consumers should be weary of before allowing their unprofessional contractors into your home to do work.

Consumers should at least request that any Service Magic contractor present their business license, company bonding, five customer references, and their company liability insurance policy, these are the minimum credentials that any legitimate contractor should make available to all customers that request their services.

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They send me 3 contractors and I hired the one I wanted. I have had laminate, tile, windows, doors, foundation repair, trees, and landscaping done and have not been disappointed...I never paid any money up front except for the windows and doors, and thay was for the cost of the windows and doors. All other monies were paid after the job was completed to my satisfaction...


WOW - I had the worst experience ever with Service Magic. In October 2010, I contacted them for a TV repair.

They sent dispatched a vendor who gave me the cost of the repair but indicated he would need to wait for a part. AFter not hearing back from the vendor, I contacted the office and spoke with (I presume the owner/operator) and explained my situation. I was then asked how much I was told it would cost to repair my TV. I have him the numbers and he indicated that the cost was incorrect(not sure how he came to that) and he would personally come our to take a look at my set.

After going thru some - whatever - he repeated to me exactly what the first technician had stated. However, now all of a sudden the cost for the part need - went up $100 dollars. I immediately told him to put my TV back together (I have no clue what he went in and messed with) and leave my residence. Upon contacting Service Master, I was informed that they could send another technician from a different company.

I told them enough is enough and delete my name from their system and never contact me again or I would report them. Never heard another word back. Oh, yeah, I had given the 1st technician $100 to get started.

Never saw one penny back. Looks like KARMA truly is a B*%@%.


I'm pretty angry with ServiceMagic who now call themselves HomeAdvisor. I guess they needed a name change as their reputation for shoddy service is catching up to them.

Service Magic or Home Advisor is all talk. When you receive shoddy service they will not refund money, your best recourse is taking the contractor to small claims court. When the despite arises HomeAdvisor backs off their happy "customer service first" talk and claim they are only an advertising agency (their exact words).

Avoid them at all costs.


I gave ServiceMagic a second chance to do business with me, but ServiceMagic did not even honor a written agreement. No one

at ServiceMagic wanted to resolve the issue. No one at ServiceMagic ever called me back after I made several calls and sent

emails to Darrick and customer service. And then ServiceMagic sent me the following email:

"Final notice! Because we have not received a response to numerous inquiries regarding your outstanding balance, your

account is now being staged to go to an external collections agency within the next few days. To pay your balance and avoid

having your account sent to our outside Collection Agency, having additional collection fees and/or litigation fees

assessed and possibly a negative reporting against your credit, please provide a valid method of payment below or call

Customer Service toll-free at (877) 947-3639. Account summary: XX. Current balance due: $1,336.55. This is your final

opportunity to resolve the matter."

In this complaint, events are described in chronological order. Consumers' information is deleted from emails for their

protection and is displayed as "consumers' information." My name is Trung and I am the owner of AC Pro (licensed HVAC

contractor) in Huntsville, Alabama. I am writing this complaint to ServiceMagic because I have been set up, lied to, and

entrapped by an "online marketing consultant" named Darrick from ServiceMagic. I will also report this incident to the

Better Business Bureau and other organizations that ServiceMagic belongs to. I previously enrolled with ServiceMagic in

2010, but I cancelled it because I got one lead which I called the customer back within 30 seconds and the customer said

that she just made an appointment with another HVAC contractor. Since then, representatives from ServiceMagic called me to

re-enroll with the company. But I refused to do so because I did not want to deal with the hassles and frustrations.

Around the end of May and the beginning of June of 2012, Darrick called me several times and asked me to re-enroll with

ServiceMagic. I told him the bad experience that I had with ServiceMagic and did not want to do business with the company

anymore. But Darrick kept calling and asked me to work with him and that he will take care of everything at ServiceMagic

for me. I told Darrick that the only way I will do business with ServiceMagic is if I only pay for leads that turned into

jobs and that I do not have to pay for leads that do not turn into jobs. Darrick told me that he had to discuss and get

clearance from his manager. On Monday, June 11, 2012 at 11:17 am, Darrick sent me a written agreement in an email. Below is

an excerpt of the email (copied and pasted the original email): "You can call me at this number if the call is negative and

I will get the lead credited back to your account. My number is ** and this is my email."

Darrick called me for his follow-up. I told him that I was going to have the leads turned on by Wednesday. Darrick called

me on Wednesday and told me that I had to do the enrollment via telephone and that he would instruct me what to say/answer

at certain questions during the enrollment process due to the special agreement that we had. I reiterated the written

agreement with Darrick to make sure that ServiceMagic would honor the written agreement and that it was the only agreement

that I had with ServiceMagic and that I did not get screwed. Darrick concurred. So, I went through the enrollment process

with Darrick. I started getting leads on my cellphone. A lot of the calls were negative. So, after work, I took my time to

compile lists of calls that did not turn into jobs and sent them to Darrick. The following are the emails that were

exchanged between Darrick and me. I emailed Darrick to please credit the following negative calls: **. Darrick's reply to

me on June 25 is this: "Got it and will get this taken care of."

I emailed Darrick that things are not working out too well. There were a lot of leads sent to my email address, but not to

my cell phone number. For some leads, I had to click on the "accept" button to see the leads because it exceeded the limit.

Most of the calls were for price shopping. Most of the leads do not have the lead numbers. I can only list the names. Here

are the leads that need to be credited to my account: For the above leads, I think it hurt my company's reputation when the

customers requested for service but never got response from my company. I need to discuss it with you about this. On the

positive side, I did have an install for Jimmy and a service call for Phil. I will pay for those leads. I told him that I

will call him. Darrick's reply on July 2 stated: "I will call you in a bit so we can get this figured out." I told him that

so far, for all the leads, following were only positive responses: The rest of the leads were all negative. All those

customers were only price shopping and a lot of them were unreachable by phone or never called back after I left them voice


My credit card statement showed $1061.54 was charged to my credit card. I thought that he was going to credit the negative

responses to my account. As I am composing this email at 4:32 PM, I received a lead from ServiceMagic with customer's phone

number **. When I called this number, the phone kept ringing but no one answered. I told Darrick to please stop my service

with ServiceMagic immediately. I called and left him another voicemail at 10:23 am today, August 9. I wanted to know the

status about the credit and cancellation. July 2, 2012 was the last time Darrick responded to me. I called Darrick and left

numerous voice messages on his phone, but he never returned my phone calls. No action was taken by Darrick. Negative leads

were not credited back to my account. I called ServiceMagic's customer service. The following are the dates and

ServiceMagic's representatives that I talked to.

On 8/7/2012, I spoke with William and sent him the original email (the written agreement) that Darrick sent on 6/11/2012.

William said that he was going to show the email to a manager and see what ServiceMagic was going to do for me. On

8/8/2012, I spoke with Marta and sent her the original email (the written agreement) that Darrick sent on 6/11/2012. Marta

said that ServiceMagic is holding the "voice log" as my agreement with ServiceMagic. Marta said that she was going to show

the email to a manager and see what ServiceMagic was going to do for me. On 8/20/2012, I spoke with Danniel and told him

that I talked to Marta. Danniel said that Marta went back to school full time. Danniel called Darrick to see what

transpired. Danniel called and left me a voicemail indicating that Darrick was in his office and that I can call Darrick.

When I called Darrick at 4:25 pm, immediately after I listened to Danniel's voice message, Darrick did not answer the phone


I left Darrick a voicemail and said that I was going to dispute the charges on my credit card since he did not do what he

agreed to do as stated in the written agreement. On 8/27/2012, I called my credit card company to dispute the charge from

ServiceMagic. A representative of my credit card company called ServiceMagic several times, but no one from ServiceMagic

answered the calls. The representative of my credit card company started the dispute process and cancelled 8 transactions,

which came out to be a total of $1061.54. On 8/29/2012, Josh from ServiceMagic called me and asked why I wanted to cancel.

I told Josh the whole story again like I explained to all the representatives at ServiceMagic. I told Josh that I called my

credit card company and disputed the charges and that I was willing to pay for the 3 leads that turned into jobs as stated

in the written agreement. Josh told me that he would cancel my account as requested and that I did not have to pay for the


On 9/12/2012, ServiceMagic sent me an email indicating that my account is now being staged to go to an external collections

agency within the next few days." On 9/19/2012, I responded to ServiceMagic in the following email: "Darrick had a written

agreement with me which stated that I only pay for the leads that turned in jobs. Any junk leads that did not turn into

jobs would be credited back to my account. I left voice messages and sent emails to Darrick for the negative leads and

called ServiceMagic to resolve the issue, but no one took any action. Darrick did not return my phone calls. Finally, I

called my credit card company to dispute the charges. A representative from ServiceMagic called me a few days after I

talked to my credit card company and told me that he would take care of the matter and that I did not have to pay for the

charges. Now, you send me a notice for external collection agency. Are you people kidding me?"

On 9/20/2012, ServiceMagic sent me the following email: "Thank you for your email. I have forwarded your account

information and this email to an accounts specialist. We will be contacting you to discuss these issues. Thank you for your

business. We look forward to speaking to you." On 9/20/2012, I called ServiceMagic's customer service and spoke with Eric

and told him my situation and about the written agreement. Josh told me that I did not have to pay for the balance. Eric

said that he was the manager at ServiceMagic, but he can only go by the voice log and he could not do anything for me. As

far as he and ServiceMagic was concerned, I still owe ServiceMagic $1336.55. I requested Eric to have the "management team"

to contact Darrick to find out the truth and look at the original written agreement before the "management team" contact


In closing, the experience I have with ServiceMagic has been totally unprofessional. I am dealing with a bunch of ***-

artists. I will hold the written agreement to the end. I will only pay for the leads that turned into jobs, but I will not

pay for leads that did not turn into jobs as stated in the written agreement. I honor what I said. ServiceMagic and Darrick

should honor their words as well. Where are your integrity and professional standard?


I am actually quite surprised by the negative commentary. I have used service magic now to find and hire a painter, electrical contractor; AC contractor and Kitchen Refacing Contractor.

I have had nothing but good luck doing so. Three of contractors were professional, of quality and delivered what they said they would.

The fourth (AC) was fine in the long run but expensive but not a fault of service magic. I would use them again.


I am a contractor who tried SM.I am very unhappy due to the poor leads.2 out of 3 leads are bogus.Just someone wanting to know what kind of material to use or something along those lines.Out of 10 leads you MAY get 1 job.By then you owe 500 bucks.My advice RUN away from this company


I am a remodeler; I have used Service magic for 10 years...nothing but happy costumers...www.mandwremodeling.com


I joined up with ServiceMagic on June 18th, and by June 22nd --- the first day I was able to access my account --- I learned that I already owed them $259.97 (I say "owed them", however I intend to dispute these charges.) Of the eight "leads" that I've been charged for, only one of them has actually resulted in work, which was a very small job that netted me only $200, before expenses. It's glaringly obvious that this is not a workable business model, and I urge all service providers who are considering enrolling with ServiceMagic to be very, very careful.

The "leads" that I've received have turned out to be, in several cases, people who told me immediately that, no, we are not looking for a contractor, and in other cases, despite having contacted the homeowner the instant the lead came in, I was told that "There's already a guy here from ServiceMagic." They do not appear to vet their service providers or the homeowners, they will take your money without your express authorization, and the kind of relationship they portray is far, far removed from the reality of the manner in which they conduct business. After four days --- FOUR DAYS! --- I'm at a net loss, and I'm very good at what I do.

I can only imagine what might have happened if I hadn't gotten on top of it when I did. Very, very disappointed, and more than just a little angry, I urge you in the strongest possible terms to stay away from these bloodsuckers.


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I hired a contractor from your site, who I thought had been "screened".

He was a scam artist, who has numerous complaints against him by the State. I'm sure thanks to your site, he will find another "mark" to pay all the fines they will levy against him. Just a contractor's ponzi scheme- thanks for nothing!


I have to agree with some of the others on the positive side of this. I've hired an electrician, a roofer, and a garage door contractor referred by Service Magic.

For each job I interviewed three contractors and selected the one I thought was best. Some of the contractors they referred were clearly duds. The ones I hired were terrific and I've rehabed several houses and have had relatively a lot of experience with contractors. I urge any consumer to trust their instincts when checking out any contractor.

Sadly, my experience is that the contractor industry is filled with semi-competent, half a** people. Check for references, BBB rating (not worth much), and get firm bids.

And NEVER ever pay up front for the work. You can pay some percentage, but my experience is the only time you have any leverage on a contractor is when you owe them money.


How do I unsubscribe from service magic


I got very lucky with Service Magic with a guy to do yard work and with an air conditioner contractor. There are some winners in there. Don't discount everyone.


Having worked for ServiceMagic I can tell you first hand that the screen process they use for contractors is flawed.

They are not to be trusted for ANY reason.


I've used Service Magic a few times now and I found the best roofer and the best plumber - good work, totally fair and honest, completely reliable (to the point that they phone if they will be even 10 minutes late for a job). Do not write off all the SM members for the sake of a bad few - as a consumer you still have a responsibility to *** and make a decision on the service offered. I would advise that you still do your homework, no matter from where you are getting your proposed contractors.


From a contractors point of view, Service Magic is bad for us too, bad leads, cost way to much. Then try to cancel your account with them.

They tell you it's cancelled then 30 days later you get email saying your leads will be turned back on.

They haven't canceled anything, they just turned them off for a while. Total Bunk!


BMBEU came highly recommended by Service Magic with five stars. This contractor was extremely unnprofessional, rude, condescending.

Claimed that they saw a ghost in my downstaris bathroom. Shoddy work with unsupervised workers. Falling asleep on the couch was one excuse used for absence.. Failure to meet contractual 15 October 2011 deadline un-finishing the job in December.

Broke antique bathroom mirror deliberately, blatantly placed in garbage. We had to finish the job after being threatened for the final check although the job was unfinished. Should have called the cops. Presently taking advantage of my regretful neighbor who is also using his services.

Being flood victims, we felt they took advantage of our unfortunate situation and made things worse. Service Magic is refusing to accept my report of what transpired over the last four months and is saying that they do not accept negative comments.

This contractor were indeed criminals. ServiceMagic should not be allowed to monopolize contractual services.


Look people Service Magic is not a "contractor" they will not sign a contract with you on the work you will be preforming, they will not take any responsibility for the work done by one of their "contractors" and you cannot go to the Contractors State Licensing Board to complain about them. They are just another middleman(leach) on the construction industry.

If you want good work done to your house you must pay a decent price for the work, it is what it is. nothing is cheap these days.

Contact a local Contractor through word of mouth and check out his work in the recent past. DO NOT be lured by this website parasite do the footwork yourself and find a repitable Contractor there are plenty of us out there.



DO NOT USE SERVICE MAGIC..they refer you to *** clients...trust me on that one. They claim they are not affiliated with the companies they refer you to, but that is a lie!!


Updates to the review posted by author:

This lawsuit has now been accepted for Federal Court by the Judge, and the entire complaint may be read (free)here: www.kerodin-lawsuit-against-bad-faith-businesses.com/

Nov 25, 12:09 AM

Original review:

A civil lawsuit was filed October 19, 2011 in United States Federal Court against ServiceMagic, Inc., their subsidiary Market Hardware, and Market Hardware's CEO Brian Kraff for bad faith business practices, unfair and deceptive trade practices, unfair competition, cybersquatting, and other serious violations of law.

If you are a service contractor and have ever had a complaint against ServiceMagic, Inc, please consider visiting our website at servicecontractorcomplaints.com and fill out an Affidavit.

You can have your experience submitted in Federal Court!

We have provided a PDF at our site for an affidavit - so all you need to do it download the form, fill it out with your experience, have it notarized at your bank and then mail it to us for inclusion in the suit.


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