Auburn, Illinois

I went through Service Magic to hire Buckingham Exteriors toward the end of October to fix a leaking skylight and wood trim. Skylight is still leaking and I find out trim is part of skylight and cant be fixed.

Now I am installing another skylight but of course from a differnt co. I tried to have the co. work with me but they wouldn't and then outright lied to the Mo. BBB.

Please don't learn the hard way. Stay away from doing business with Service Magic and more importantly, Buckingham Exteriors.

This is a company that is protected by Service Magic and the BBB but not from their pissed off customers.

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Hi Tfr,

My name is Chelsey Richey and I am the Online Customer Liaison here at ServiceMagic. I want to apologize for your experience with our service and I would like to speak with you to go over this situation.

We take ratings very seriously and it can take time to post a review depending on the content and severity of the issue. You can contact my directly by phone or email so that we can look into this together.

Contact me directly at or at 303.963.8145. I look forward to speaking with you.


It is sad that this company is so incompetent. We are currently dealing with the disaster caused by their roofing delays.

I doubt if this type of company can survive with all the bad they have done. I told a crooked mechanic once: "You may think you got away with this since I have no choice but to pay this bill. However, had you done right by me, I would have told everyone I know what an honest mechanic you are. That is very valuable word-of-mouth advertising.

However, because you screwed me over, I will still tell everyone I know plus every stranger standing in the same grocery line, bank line, postal line, etc. Now you have a negative word-of-mouth to deal with."


Has anyones ratings of the companies they hired showed up? I know mine hasn't.

Do they not list the negative ratings? Maybe I could have saved myself a lot of agravation.

I hope a lawyer gets us together and makes himself wealthy on them. Can anyone say class action

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