I had this contractor put up a gate.It was made from redwood.

He did not match sides or hide the nail marks. He left gaps in between the boards. I kept calling and emailing and finally he came back and made it worse. I called Service Magic and they are refusing to do anything.

I guess money is much more important than people. Do not use Service Magic. My gates will cost more in the long run because I will need to have it rebuilt. Boooooo on Service Magic!

Never.never, ever use Service Magic or their substandard contractors!!!!!


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This Lady ( my Neighbor ), got the Build she paid for, Charles gave her her money back and let her keep the Gate.The Gate looks great!

Another item this Lady got away with!

We have used Mc Queen Builders & Home Repairs for 15 years or so.Sarah Olsen

Houston, Texas, United States #934293

The spaces have to be there to allow for expansion.If they are butted tight, they will pull away when they expand.

And NOBODY fills nail head holes on a fence.This is only for finished carpentry.


I didn't mention that I hired McQueen to replace the wood on my overhead balcony. He

used cheap wood and neglected to put silicone sealer on the side with the leak. I spent $450.00 dollars and ended up with the same problem he assured me would be

eliminated by his replacing the wood. He told me that if I took him to Small Claims Court, he would win as his wife is a Superior Court Judge and knows all of the

local judges, so they would rule in his favor.

to Barbara Voronaeff El Cajon, California, United States #899505

and you believed him??


I hired McQueen Builders from a referral by Service Magic and was scammed by Charles McQueen.He assured me that a leak in my bathroom was due to deteriorated wood on my balcony handrails and gave me a two year written guarantee against leakage.

the next heavy rain brought more leakage and he refused to make good on his guarantee.

His work was substandard and when I called for my refund, he used foul language (the "F" word) and hung up on me.

I reported him to the Better Business Bureau, but he did not respond to them when they sent him my complaint twice.My advice is not to trust him, as I am a senior citizen, who was conned by him.


We rely on service magic and they are the worst referral service ever!


*** service magic its a big scam.


there are bad contractors just because a man has a truck and a hammer doesn't make him a pro.the flip side when you as home owners go to service magicwe contractors are bill for that lead.

we see one good lead for every 20 and you as a home owner dont see that.i have seen bad contractors and bad home oners as for i think the home owner should be billed for a list of contractors an the on you hire should rebate that cost thanks


Hey contractors!Beware!

You build junk and refuse to take care of your mistakes, I'm gonna get you as well as your licensing board. McQueen has a judgment against them.

Soooooo, I am watching and I will get you.:grin 8) :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


Obviously Julia works for servicemagic. She is costing her contractors good money for which she is paying for in the end. What's wrong with using the yellow pages?

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