AS a contractor and a very laid back person I must say that service magic is more of a scam than a reliable lead generator.About 90 percent of the leads are bogus is some way or another!

First they claim to qualify each lead,(bogus). Many leads will say they were not interested in the product that I was calling about. I would recommend that all contractors and consumers stay away from service magic! The consumer will get 4 or 5 calls from contractors and the contractor will spend endless hours chasing dead or bogus leads.

I do know that they send out older leads that are weeks old to new subscribers.It is a true scam!

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Thanks for the info everyone!They keep calling and I started to think it might be something good.

Now I know not to waste my time!Thanks!


I was contacted by Service Magic for years to come back to them.I finally did, I sign up with Mandy, the rep there, with a pay as you accept plan.

Within a week or two, they started sending leads to me and charged for everyone. My bill was over 600 before I even noticed what was happening. Discover Card reversed the charges because Service Magic just ignores everyone when it comes to money. Now they say they will be sending this to an outside collection agency.

I have left messages with Mandy, and no response.

The number I have for her is 913 529 2837.This is a totally dishonest company and I will do whatever I can to spread the word.


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:( What a Joke seriously, I'm contacting my lawyer!Service Magic misrepresented my company with a bogus description and a phone number leading to ServiceMagic!

How dare they use my company's name and reputation to get calls and pool them to the masses of contractors they have that signed up for your BS service! People if you signed up with ServiceMagic run a search for your company name and you migh be surprised as to what you find! This is the number I found listed for my company (646) 588-0661 call it!

Their BS description is full of errors with my business name attached!SMDH


When I could not reach most of the leads I was receiving through Service Magic, I decided to send a private mailing to some of the addresses that ServiceMagic provided me with(and that I paid for).Most of them were returned as 'undeliverable'.

Especially the lead I received name 'Jim Beam'. Probably should have realized it then! I wouldn't pay the bill, so they sent me to collections. I provided the collection agency with all the false information that I had received from Service Magic.

I never heard from the agency again and I contacted them several times to see what the status was and the collection agency wouldn't respond to me after that.That has to tell you something right there!


The Leads are not filtered!!! IF they were I would not get bad leads. I know for a fact that there are very few, if any filters and when I get a bogus lead it takes forever to get a credit!


Good morning "Nmb3348" -

I am sorry to hear that you are frustrated with the leads that you received. We have processes in place to help filter leads and the consumer is matched with up to 4 professionals per request based off the zip code and category chosen. I would like to get a chance to speak to you in regards to your concerns. You may reach me directly at 303.963.8066 or mblack@servicemagic.com.

Thank you,

Mandy Black


I found that originally the leads works.I was able to sell to about 70% of the leads given.

Then I was told there would be increase in the amount charged for every lead. I found my own updates on sales and where i made them were the area's that would cost more. Brilliant management move!

They had me update them on status of customer then they found i was excelling in zip code xxxxx then notify me that the price increase was only for the following zip codes....SURPRISE it included my hot area....now i don't update but still request review which in turn gives them the zip code.

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