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Just took a call from Anthony from Service Magic. He was a condescending little *rick.

First of all, he didn't even know what kind of business we're in, so his pitch was down the wrong path. I informed him that we didn't do that type of work so he asked what I did and then of course said, "oh, we've got lots of leads for that too, are you ready to accept more jobs?." I said I'm not ready for more work to get rid of him, and then he said "well are you booking jobs or just bidding them?" No, I'm here at the office paying 15 employees, the telephone bill allowing me to take your call, but simply bidding jobs and not booking any of them is allowing me to pay all of my expenses. The guy was a real ***. I've been taking these calls from these guys for years.

It's a complete joke!

Why do you think they recently rebranded themselves? It's a scam!

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Golden, Colorado, United States #581925

Hello "anonymous" -

I am sorry to hear that you are frustrated with the phone call from one of our representatives. I would like to discuss your concerns further in detail with you to see what I can do to help. You may reach me directly at 303-963-8066 or mblack@homeadvisor.com.

Thank you,

Mandy Black

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