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I've been with servicemagic for a week. When they originally were signing me up it was all about how many leads they have ready for me..all I had to do was sign up.

Well I signed up and a week and 7 leads later I've learned quickly to move on. I immediately call the lead when I get it. No one answers, I leave a message. I email as well with no reply.

I specifically asked before I signed up what happens if I never get the chance to even speak with a potential customer and was told that I submit it for credit. What a load of ***! I submitted and was told it was denied.

Do not waste your money going with servicemagic! This is a business that definitely needs to be put OUT of business!!!

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I feel anon's pain..faulty and deadend leads. No one answers the phone, nor replies to emails, but i am still charged for whatever lead SM feels they want to send.

I asked about them screening the leads in a more professional manner..which I was told is not thier policy. SM wants to market professionals, but the service I recieve is anything but. It is only tire kickers and window shoppers 90% of the time. SM will not credit anything.

What a waste of money for us small business owners. Thier website creator must have failed 5th grade, as my 6th grade step-child can do a much mor professional job at website development. Very dissatisfied.

Caution!!! Buyer Beware

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