Pachuta, Mississippi
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My mother in law was coming home from the hospital. We were concerned about the rippling in the carpet being a fall risk.

So, I contacted Service Magic to obtain a good deal on carpet stretching. A pair of contractors showed up to look it over, said they were going to get a larger stretcher and never came back! They didn't call, nothing---just diappeared. This really put us all in a bind, trying to find another place ta the last minute before she got home from the hospital!

I contacted Service Magic to complain, and they sent yet another contractor out. They said over the phone $99 a room.

They came (very late) then wanted to charge us significantly more! Needless to say, this is a worthless company and I will never use them again---EVER.

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Hello "Zen Butterfly" -

I am sorry to hear that your experience with the companies you were matched with did not meet your expectations. We do try to match you with up to four professionals per request to ensure you get the choice you need to get the job done. If you would like to discuss your experience more in detail, you may contact me directly at 303-963-8066 or

Thank you,

Mandy Black

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