You as a customer of service magic pay nothing. Only the CONTRACTER pays.

For one year of service I paid more then 1500.00 and got two small jobs from them. The problem is each person gets five bids and you only want to Know how much it's going to cost. Each contractors has paid 100.00 for each lead and that doesn't include the free bid(which the contractor pays for also.)Please do not use SERVICE MAGIC if you are a home owner or a Contractor.

Thank you Shaw's A/C p.s.call the contractor directly not Home depot/Lowe's/Sear. They bid out all there work to outside contractor and add about 40% more to the bid price>

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Please do not do business with Service Magic they are a scam company and should be brought up on charges.


I have gotten some decent jobs thru servicemagic but the thing I don't like is competing again 3 other contractors. In this tough economy I have had to bring my price down about 15 percent and still most of the time someone else will underbid me and get the job.

I am only getting about 1 in 10 jobs now. A couple years ago I would usually close 3 out of 10. Another thing is when homeowners submit deliberate bogus phone numbers and you have to try to get a credit adjustment.

Most of the time they will give you a replacement credit but there have been times when I have been denied. Go figure it out.


I have a better way for you all to get more business without having to compete with other contractors on Service Magic and pay for bogus leads. Give me a call! 949-892-2382

Katy Gillis


Servicemagic is a big ripoff. They give out leads to more than the promised 3. The people who work from the servicemagic leads are contractors who can't keep customers on their own because they are mostly sub-standard.

Urbandale, Iowa, United States #63721

Estupida ***! Penga mi chupa


I am a contractor with 18 years in buisiness in colorado springs. I get under bid daily by people I know for sure can not finish the job at the price they quoted.

ServiceMagic does have honest people like myself but most homeowners convince themselves the lowest price is best. :upset

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