We were denied a membership to service magic due to our bad credit history , whilst we have a bankruptcy in our past this has never affected any customer , meanwhile we have an acquaintance that is barely 1/10 qualified the contractor we are !! and we come to find out one of our workers that has no insurance or license has qualified for membership to service magic because he only does repair work !!

VERY CONVENIENT WAY TO BEND THE RULES however if he hurts himself while working at your house the law is you are responsible , which is why the honest GC business continues to struggle to compete whilst inundated with the different insurance requirement costs. May seem like a bitter rant however customers should beware , the better business bureau works in much the same way as these guys , they will refer you as long as there are no complaints against you, regardless of whether you opened your doors last week !!

referral is everything in construction find a contractor with previously satisfied customers.

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the BBB is a company sold like a franchise. members will have less bad reports.

if you quit every thing will show up. [blackballing] if your not a member they cant say much about you don't join.

i herd that original they were started bay the mafia. don't now if that true but that would be a honest start for a company wicth say they are of a high standerd


I am very disappointed with service magic aswell. I own a lawn care company and they denied me for a criminal charge I received over ten years ago.

I have change from then and now I have a family and focus on the important things in life. Anyways more companies like this are emerging so I will use one of those. And now a few contractors in my congregation want to cancel thier service. I advised them not to if it helps them get good leads.

But they are not happy so we will find a better service. Thank you and God Bless



My name is Chelsey Richey and I am the Online Customer Liaison here at ServiceMagic. I do apologize for your frustrations with our service.

We do screen our service professional members on a ten point background check. This includes judgments, criminal convictions, state level requirements for licensing and insurance, and others.

Some projects may require licensing and insurance where others may not, depending on the state. We then collect direct feedback from homeowners through ratings and reviews to ensure our homeowners are receiving the highest quality of work.

I do wish you the best moving forward. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at Crichey@ServiceMagic.com or at 303.963.8145.

Thank you kindly,

Chelsey Richey

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