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This is an unfortunate incident with the landscaper you hired as this is not the behavior expected of home service professionals in our network. We will reach out shortly to discuss if and how we can help resolve this issue. Read more

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Servicemagic contractors were really quite horrid and made me feel really quite ill, They were demanding i use them for my asbestos removal project at my cottage. Luckily I found a company on Google called They sent me 5 quotes from different contractors in my area. The price was different from the contractors but they did not pester me for the work. I... Read more

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Contractor preston loft conversions have left the job half finished & did not contact the council to have building inspector regs to check on job throughout the loft conversion. Job was started Oct 2014 & was supposed to be completed by Dec 2014. I have been left with job incomplete & contravening building regs . Read more

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I was a service magic contractor for a few years and loved the service . I made alot of money with all the jobs I landed . And I controlled how much money I spent with each month Read more

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They collect weak and unqualified leads and sell them to as many people as they can. The basic system is flawed. The service is saturated with hungry , needy contractors that are looking for jobs and the competition for the leads is fierce. And the leads are so bad you just end up wasting your time and money. Service Magic sees the hard working contractors as cash cows. They use lies and... Read more

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These scumbags took my credit card number from 2010,and started charging a 29.99 fee for no reason(Aug.2014) I think law enforcement should be contacted and we should get together for a class action lawsuit. What they did was not an accident but, just like taking my card from my wallet and using it. I am filing a police report and since it is in another state I will probably have to file a report... Read more

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Wow, I'm really disappointed to read the complaints about this company. I was looking them up to find a service as I had used them a few times in the past and was extremely happy with the choice I made in providers. I never considered what the contractors had to deal with on their end. I would be very reluctant to deal with a contractor not backed by a reference and find many contractors in NJ... Read more

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I was a contractor for service majic they sent me leads and charged for them but they were all cold leads .when i call the people they act like they dont knowwhat im talking about.when i threaten to cancel service majic they send a bunch of leads at once to run up bill. Read more

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We paid this company for referral service to introduce and send us new customer but every customer we were referred to was already referred to at least 10 other companies and they didn't need our services and this company still charged us $35.00 per referral then their reputation got so bad so quick they changed their name to home adviser pro. We have had many issues with them and we strongly... Read more

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All phone lines down WHAT A WAY TO START NEW YEAR sm is a letdown give SM a wide berth Read more

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